Career Building

The Evolution of Female Leadership

Sheryl Sandberg revolutionized the corporate world for female leaders. When she accepted a position on the board of Facebook in 2012, she spoke vocally about her intentions to develop a healthy work/life balance. Her 2013 bestseller, “Lean In,” encourages women to shake off the stigmas of full-time careers and fully engage with both their personal and […]

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Leadership Lessons from Engineers

Every field produces talented leaders well-versed in their industry’s trials and triumphs. From entrepreneurs to middle managers working their way up the corporate ladder, executives can’t succeed without a combination of risk-taking and dependability, an ability to create a both a stable environment and company growth. One field, however, produces a higher percentage of leaders

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How to Negotiate a Job Offer

After crafting an expert resume, connecting with a promising HR manager, and acing a job interview, a qualified executive will often find himself negotiating a job offer. Negotiating compensation, time off, and employee benefits like working from home can easily drive a wedge between a hiring manager and an executive. Remaining calm, collected, and steadfast during a job

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How CMOs Can Excel in 2015

Marketing executives, more than any other professional, must not simply follow business trends, but outpace them. CMOs have a unique talent for predicting consumer responses and staying ahead of fluctuating trends. Whether you’re breaking into a new market, reassessing your business strategy, or marketing yourself for a new executive position, here are 3 qualities CMOs

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Invest in a Year of Professional Success

New Year’s resolutions are a sticking point for many professionals. New Year’s goals can range from “hit the gym” to “climb the corporate ladder,” but rarely factor in a practical means of achieving said goals. Despite numerous flaws in the system, New Year’s resolutions aren’t without value. January 1st gives professionals an opportunity to assess

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Mistakes Executives Make When Changing Careers

The holidays aren’t simply a time of peace and goodwill, but a season of career unrest for many professionals. The end of the year leaves executives juggling busy schedules, personal stresses, and potential job loss due to downsizing. If you’re contemplating a new career for Christmas, make sure to avoid these 4 pitfalls of finding

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Navigating a Career Change

It’s easy to get discouraged with an unsatisfactory career. Corporate ennui, difficulty enacting change, or disinterest in company culture drains passion from the job. Working in the C-suite also takes workplace strife to another level, turning disagreements between coworkers into stalemates that render entire leadership teams ineffective. Female executives may face additional difficulties, from developing a workable

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3 Tips to Maximize LinkedIn Marketing

Most business professionals are familiar with LinkedIn’s online networking system, but few know just how many career opportunities bypass them daily. Executives are inundated with personal branding and social media marketing information. In the wake of so much information, it’s advantageous to take a step back and remember the basics of LinkedIn marketing. How to

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Reengage with Your Current Career

Even the most driven leaders can find themselves going through the motions at work. For entry-level employees putting forth halfhearted effort may decrease productivity and stagnate upward mobility; for a CEO, president, or board member, career ennui can affect an entire corporation. Save yourself – and your company – from career disengagement with Executive Resumes Atlanta’s 3

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3 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand

Many executives lack the time, the skills, or the patience to develop a compelling and concise personal brand. Here are 3 guidelines for personal branding success from the high level career builders at Executive Resumes Atlanta. Develop authenticity. In unskilled hands, executive self-promotion can come across as shortsighted braggadocio or a carefully crafted falsehood. The advent of

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