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Résumé Services

Executive Resumes Atlanta creates customized executive résumé that tells your unique career stories and gives you an edge in today’s competitive career marketplace.

Executive Career Marketing Documents

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Powerful, accomplishments-focused documents that convey your personal brand, highlight your leadership strengths, and clearly define your value proposition to prospective employers.

  • Exclusive or Primary Objective
    Presentation Resume focused on positioning you as an industry expert (for jobs with your current company or within your industry) or a functional expert (for jobs outside your current industry)
  • Secondary Objective (Retargeted)
    Retargeted Resume towards an alternate functional or industry objective, as in the case of a position for which your experience is limited or a position that you would consider if no opportunities exist for your primary target.
  • Letter of Introduction – Company
    Cover letter targeting one or multiple companies that summarizes your career history and emphasizes the value you offer a prospective employer
  • Letter of Introduction – Recruiter
    Cover letter targeting retained or contingency recruiters that includes discussion of salary requirements, geographic preferences, etc.

Networking & Career Marketing Documents

Companion networking and career marketing documents to provide deeper slices of your success stories in one-to-two-page presentations that present brief, concise, brand-focused statements of value.

  • LinkedIn Profile (Resume)
  • Career Biography (Bio)
  • Interview Coaching
  • Reference List
  • Post-Interview Follow-Up/Thank You Letter
  • Referral Letter
  • PDF Resume

Get a free professional, executive résumé consultation!