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About Executive Resumes Atlanta

Executive Resumes Atlanta has served the metro Atlanta market (and the greater U.S.) since 2001. Principal Colleen Reyerson, a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), has 20-plus years of experience working with all levels of executives and high-level entrepreneurs across diverse fields and industries.

How We’re Different

You can’t make a five-star gourmet meal without the proper ingredients, and the same can be said of developing a powerful executive resume.

OUR PROCESS: Our highly consultative information-mining process includes an in-depth phone Q&A to extract the facts (e.g., accomplishments, strengths, etc.) and the context in which you have achieved results. We capture your larger career picture and the “hidden gems” that we can leverage as selling points. We ask not only what you did to achieve success, but how and why you did it, by providing context that includes the situation, goals, and/or challenges with the role, company, industry, and/or economy (think 2007!). This deep dive is at the core of a Resume that tells, and sells.

RESULTS: Our strategic process will help you view your career in a new light and allow you to step back and see the whole picture as the full impact of your achievements come together to form a powerful, compelling executive presentation that helps energize and motivate you as you enter the job market.

Integrity & Service Commitment

ERA maintains a commitment to ethical business principles and the highest standards of integrity, quality, and service. We recognize the tremendous impact our work can have on your future and we believe your experience with a career professional should be positive and empowering.

Colleen Reyerson, CMRW, CPRW, CEIP

Executive Resume Writer & Branding Strategist
Certified Master Resume Writer
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Certified Expert Interview Professional

Get a free professional, executive résumé consultation!