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The first step is a conversation to discuss your career background, current situation, and goals to determine the audience (recruiters and hiring managers, board members, etc.), strategy, key focal areas to address, and appropriate career marketing documents.

Provide your name and contact information in the form below. If you have an existing Resume (for informational purposes, i.e. career chronology), upload it or copy/paste it below.

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Topics We’ll Discuss

During our initial, no-obligation phone consult (typically 30-40 minutes) we’ll discuss your career background, current role/situation, and job target(s). We’ll outline a project strategy, recommend career marketing products, discuss turnaround, and provide a project quote. If you opt to move forward, we’ll begin the information-mining process (Worksheet followed by Phone Interview).


If testing the waters, what is the motivator, i.e. advancement limitations, recruiter inquiries, change in company direction/culture, etc. Or do you plan to wage an active search?


Career advancement, transition (i.e. career change), Board seat etc.? Do you plan to look inside your current functional area (i.e. operations) or industry, outside, or both? What size of organization will you target, i.e. startup, mid-size, large national or global company?


What is your forte (i.e. turnaround leader, growth driver, team empowerment champion)? What motivates you? What skillsets, experience, competencies, results, etc. distinguish you from your peers and have enabled you to achieve career successes?


Are there potential “Achilles’ heels” or concerns to discuss/address i.e. “backward” career move, multiple brief roles, work history gaps, lack of degree, etc.?