Invest in a Year of Professional Success

New Year’s resolutions are a sticking point for many professionals. New Year’s goals can range from “hit the gym” to “climb the corporate ladder,” but rarely factor in a practical means of achieving said goals. Despite numerous flaws in the system, New Year’s resolutions aren’t without value. January 1st gives professionals an opportunity to assess their strengths and failings in the last year and enact changes with will ripple through the first quarter to become an integral part of daily operations. Whether you’re searching for a new executive career, you’re satisfied with your current position, or you’re contemplating an internal job shift, these New Year’s resolutions for executives will help you attain your goals in 2015.

Overhaul Your Personal Brand

In the digital age a personal brand isn’t simply a tool to give professionals an edge in the job search. Your personal brand is your professional identity. Whether or not you’re currently seeking a new job, every executive will benefit from reassessing their personal marketing strategy for 2015.

  • Remove personal photos from professional networks like LinkedIn
  • Update the privacy settings on your Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social networks
  • Revamp your resume
  • Make sure your personal brand is cohesive across all boards, from your resume to your LinkedIn profile
  • Change the alert notifications on LinkedIn account so business associates can’t track your job search
  • Create a dynamic personal brand by offering endorsements, requesting recommendations, and commenting on LinkedIn group boards several times a month

Invest in Future Growth

Finding fulfillment at work isn’t simply about getting hired for your dream position at an expanding entrepreneurial venture. Grow your career by learning a new executive skill, finding a mentor in your desired industry, and helping new leaders achieve success.

Strengthen Your Connections

Networking is an executive’s most valuable skill. It can reveal new business opportunities, help leaders mine new talent, and aid executives in finding new careers. If you want to improve your professional life this year, focus on growing your business network. Start by:

  • Working the room at office functions
  • Connecting with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn
  • Mining personal connections for business contacts
  • Always sending a follow-up note after working with a new partner

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