How CMOs Can Excel in 2015

Marketing executives, more than any other professional, must not simply follow business trends, but outpace them. CMOs have a unique talent for predicting consumer responses and staying ahead of fluctuating trends. Whether you’re breaking into a new market, reassessing your business strategy, or marketing yourself for a new executive position, here are 3 qualities CMOs need to excel in 2015.

  1. Spot the trends. Marketing executives need both intuition and data interpretation skills to master the ever-changing world of successful branding. CMOs have a keen eye for predicting industry trends and unmatched talent for gleaning the best marketing strategies for their industry. This year marketing leaders should take a cue from the younger generation of advertising strategists, focusing on authenticity, purpose, and adaptability to drive business.
  2. Redefine ROI. Many experienced advertising specialists measure ROI in sales, profits, and other bottom line-centric metrics. As the world moves further into the digital marketing sphere, executives must find new ways to measure value. When measuring the success of a marketing campaign, consider audience, reach, and channel-specific measurement metrics before determining how well the venture has increased brand awareness.
  3. Be authentic. Authenticity is not a new tenet of marketing, but has become increasingly fundamental in the digital age. Social media advertising and personal branding strategies have given consumers a hunger for authentic marketing. Create impactful branding by developing strong, truthful content, learning to adapt stories to fresh channels without losing their impact, and speaking genuinely for the benefit of the customer. Marketing in 2015 must be personal, professional, and trustworthy to gain purchase in the digital demographic.

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