3 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand

Many executives lack the time, the skills, or the patience to develop a compelling and concise personal brand. Here are 3 guidelines for personal branding success from the high level career builders at Executive Resumes Atlanta.

  1. monitor your personal brandDevelop authenticity. In unskilled hands, executive self-promotion can come across as shortsighted braggadocio or a carefully crafted falsehood. The advent of social media has created a world of transparency in personal branding and online communication. Business executives should take care not to overshare in their online profiles, but authenticity is key to any personal branding effort. Develop a clear, focused brand that’s easily recognizable, both to those who know you in the real world and to contacts who only know you virtually.
  2. Strategize. Developing a strong personal marketing brand requires time, forethought, and skill in executive promotion. Users who regularly update their LinkedIn profiles, monitor their networks for industry developments, and interact with online associates increase their likelihood of career advancement. Identify your personal marketing goals and map a plan for effectively establishing your brand within your target audience. If you don’t have the time or skills to effectively develop your personal marketing strategy, hire a professional career marketer to optimize your online presence.
  3. Move beyond social media. Networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can have a significant impact on a professional’s career prospects, but social media isn’t the only way to achieve executive success. Businesspeople who successfully expand their professional networks use a combination of real world and virtual marketing techniques. In addition to creating an active, enticing LinkedIn profile, executives should attend local networking events, create an impactful resume, and build strong working relationships with their peers.

The executive career marketers at Executive Resumes Atlanta have the skills and experience necessary to create an impactful personal brand, both virtually and in the real world. Contact our professional resume writers to strategize your career objectives, optimize your personal branding efforts, and advance your career.

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