Reengage with Your Current Career

bored business executiveEven the most driven leaders can find themselves going through the motions at work. For entry-level employees putting forth halfhearted effort may decrease productivity and stagnate upward mobility; for a CEO, president, or board member, career ennui can affect an entire corporation. Save yourself – and your company – from career disengagement with Executive Resumes Atlanta’s 3 methods of re-engaging at work.

  1. Invest in company culture. Studies show that people who form strong relationships at work are more likely to work diligently, have innovative thinking, and promote their company outside of the office. If you find yourself losing interest in leadership, take a few minutes to learn about your team. Investing in employees as people often gives executives a renewed vigor for achieving success. Find a mentor within your industry to renew your corporate drive and learn where you may be falling short.
  2. Take a vacation. More and more executives in corporate America have unrealistic expectations for both themselves and their coworkers. A work-life balance that leans too heavily towards work often winds up tipping the scale entirely, scattering an executive’s energy and making him an ineffective leader. If every vacation, night at home, and sick day involves answering work calls and responding to emails, career investment will start to wane. When you schedule a vacation, leave your phone at home. A few days away from the office is often what executives need to reinvest in their professional careers.
  3. Research career opportunities. Whether you’re in the market for a new executive position, or you’re simply unsure if you should remain with your current employer, shopping for job opportunities within your industry can resuscitate your career. Research executive careers that sound appealing and consider how a change might affect your work ethic. Is your impetus for career change to find better leadership and interpersonal relationships? Many in-office issues can be resolved by clear communication and mutual adaptability. Is the issue corporate structure, company vision, or disengagement with your industry? It may be time to revitalize your executive resume, enrich your LinkedIn profile, and begin searching for a new job.

Executive Resumes Atlanta gives business executives the tools to find fulfilling careers. Call our executive resume writing service to find a career where you’re talents will thrive.

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