3 Tips to Maximize LinkedIn Marketing

Most business professionals are familiar with LinkedIn’s online networking system, but few know just how many career opportunities bypass them daily. Executives are inundated with personal branding and social media marketing information. In the wake of so much information, it’s advantageous to take a step back and remember the basics of LinkedIn marketing.

How to Successfully Navigate LinkedIn

  • linked in marketing tacticsMine recommendations, not endorsements. “Endorsement” is the buzzword in the LinkedIn personal marketing sphere, but as with any networking tactic, the more personal option makes a better professional impression. Accept endorsements from respected colleagues for your top executive skills, but don’t ask for endorsements. Instead ask a few superlative members of your executive team to write a recommendation. Recommendations are more personal, more compelling, and better display your executive skills.
  • Timing is everything. The key to LinkedIn success is to stay active, even if you’re not actively searching for a new career. Follow revolutionary leaders in your industry, update your profile to reflect new challenges and skill sets, and refrain from asking for multiple recommendations and endorsements at once. LinkedIn timestamps their data, making it obvious to recruiters (and your current employer) when you’re scrambling to update your LinkedIn profile in the hopes of landing a new job.
  • Give and take. Networking is not solely about seeking opportunities, but about forming mutually beneficial business relationships. If a business associate endorses one of your top skills, peruse their profile for a skill you can substantiate. When you write a professional recommendation on LinkedIn, ask your connection to return the favor. Be specific about which professional successes, leadership situations, and executive skills you’d like them to praise. But remember to choose your connections wisely. Endorsing the merits of a coworker is not simply a reflection of them, but of you as well.

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