Mastering the Informational Interview

For executives between careers, the daily grind of the job search becomes more stifling every day. Connections go unanswered, interviews becomes stressful and unrewarding, and discouragement always seems just around the corner. But one executive tool not only strengthens connections and increases industry knowledge, it boosts job search verve. If you’re struggling to find a […]

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How to Exit an Unfulfilling Job

Career transitions present their own challenges, whether you’re leaving because of another job, dissatisfaction at work, or performance issues. The mark of a great leader isn’t finding 100% success, but in knowing how to behave when closing a chapter in your career. If you’re leaving your current career, build your personal brand by making a

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Make an Impression on LinkedIn

In today’s digitally-driven age, diligent work and measurable results alone won’t drive an executive career. Getting recognition, finding new opportunities, and expanding your professional network all depend on personal branding. Most C-level employees have rotund LinkedIn profiles, but even the most successful businesspeople often miss key strategies for fully optimizing their online brands. Stand out on LinkedIn

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How STEM Executives Can Grow Their Professional Networks

Despite what most professionals would suppose, HR teams in STEM fields frequently hire talent culled from business networks. This puts many engineers, accountants, and tech gurus at a disadvantage: STEM executives must typically work harder to find networking opportunities because their careers naturally lend themselves to a more individualized mindset. Executives looking for a career

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Networking for Tech Professionals

Regardless of someone’s speciality or the number of year’s they’ve observed an industry, they’re bound to have a few misconceptions about the nuances of internal structure for specific businesses. Many of these suppositions are based on how particular industries hire, promote, and educate its talent. And a substantial portion of conventional job search wisdom, particularly regarding executive networking,

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Craft an Expert Holiday Sales Pitch

The holiday season offers myriad chances to extend your professional network and mine new career opportunities. Every December executives are inundated with invitations to work parties, social functions, and a number of other superlative networking opportunities. Whether your job search is active during the holiday season or temporarily on hold, take advantage of your holiday

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Happy Thanksgiving, Atlanta!

For business executives, the holiday season provides myriad opportunities for professional growth. From Thankgiving until New Year’s CEOs, COOs, board members, and other corporate leaders will face unique challenges, find fresh career paths, and increase their networking reach. Studies show that job searching during the holiday season gives executives a clear advantage in their industries.

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Take Advantage of Holiday Networking Opportunities

For executives looking for fresh careers, the holiday season offers unique opportunities for growth and development. During the time between Christmas and the New Year, many CEOs, COOs, board members, and other executives take time off to recharge and reconnect with their loved ones. Stepping back to reengage with personal responsibilities is proven to increase

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How to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season to Find a New Career

For many professionals, the holiday season whirls by in a flurry of meetings and deadlines. Many job seekers – operating under the assumption that searching for a job in November or December is ineffective at best – take advantage of the lull between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to recharge and refocus. These job seekers have

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3 Tips to Maximize LinkedIn Marketing

Most business professionals are familiar with LinkedIn’s online networking system, but few know just how many career opportunities bypass them daily. Executives are inundated with personal branding and social media marketing information. In the wake of so much information, it’s advantageous to take a step back and remember the basics of LinkedIn marketing. How to

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