How to Exit an Unfulfilling Job

Career transitions present their own challenges, whether you’re leaving because of another job, dissatisfaction at work, or performance issues. The mark of a great leader isn’t finding 100% success, but in knowing how to behave when closing a chapter in your career. If you’re leaving your current career, build your personal brand by making a graceful exit.

Know When to Go

smiling male executiveWhether you’re stepping down voluntarily, abdicating for a new position, or simply reading the writing on the wall, how you leave a company can determine job recommendations, career opportunities, and your reputation with your former coworkers. If you’re leaving voluntarily, give your boss sufficient notice to replace you. Be honest about your reasons for leaving, but don’t burden your supervisors with too much information. Thank your team for the experiences, relationships, and skills you cultivated during your tenure at the company. If you’ve been let go, it’s still a good career move to strengthen relationships with your partners in the trenches. Gracefully recognize that one stage of your life is complete, and thank your board for the opportunity.

Make a Smooth Transition

Gain a reputation for competence and class by easing the transition for your executive replacement. Finish incomplete projects, document procedures, and forward any pertinent emails to the new exec in charge. Consider a few days of hands-on training with your replacement if asked.


Just because it didn’t work out with current position doesn’t mean you wasted time. Maintain relationships with coworkers, clients, and supervisors you built connections with along the way. They’ve seen your leadership traits firsthand and may keep you in mind when executive positions become available in the future.

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