How to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season to Find a New Career

For many professionals, the holiday season whirls by in a flurry of meetings and deadlines. Many job seekers – operating under the assumption that searching for a job in November or December is ineffective at best – take advantage of the lull between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to recharge and refocus. These job seekers have missed an incredible opportunity to hone their focus, connect with new professional networks, and garner fresh career opportunities.

Outpacing the Competition

holiday job hunt
Think twice before jetting off this Christmas.

Unless they’re seeking seasonal work, most job hunters use the holidays as a mini break from finding a new career. This tactic is easily justified; after all, if you’re overwhelmed with work, personal obligations, and the holiday hubbub, potential employers must be as well. However, if you’ve spent any time in the HR department of a corporation, you know that December delivers more than just holiday gifts. Many companies determine their yearly budgets in the fall, giving them the funds and the incentive to solidify their leadership teams before the new quarter begins on January 1st. The holiday season job searcher has less competition and more potential leads than an executive searching for a new career at any other time of the year. It’s an excellent opportunity for finding a new career with a company you love.

Honing Your Elevator Pitch

The holidays may seem inordinately busy, but they’re often punctuated with lulls amidst all the activity. Job seekers – especially those who are unemployed – have more downtime than you’d imagine during the holidays. Put your free time to good use by polishing your executive resume, researching companies you’d like to work for, and crafting a short, powerful elevator pitch for holiday parties.

Season’s Greetings

Networking is by far the best job search opportunity afforded by the holiday season. Thanksgiving to Christmas is an endless stream of holiday gatherings, reunions, and charity events. Strengthen your personal connections and make use of your professional network to find career opportunities at holiday parties and seasonal functions. Family celebrations, office parties, and industry fundraisers abound during the holidays, giving executive job searchers no dearth of opportunities to connect, build their network, and capture attention with a honed elevator pitch.

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