Happy Thanksgiving, Atlanta!

For business executives, the holiday season provides myriad opportunities for professional growth. From Thankgiving until New Year’s CEOs, COOs, board members, and other corporate leaders will face unique challenges, find fresh career paths, and increase their networking reach. Studies show that job searching during the holiday season gives executives a clear advantage in their industries. Studies also show the benefit of unplugging from work, email, and the executive job search to rejuvenate physically and mentally.

Whether you anticipate a productive weekend or four days of refocusing on your personal life, take a few hours this Thursday to give thanks for the blessings in your life. A healthy work/life balance is crucial to personal and professional success. Stepping back to examine our lives objectively allows us to refresh, reprioritize, and re-engage as necessary. This holiday season, give thanks for your career, your family, and the untold possibilities on the horizon.

Happy Thanksgiving from Executive Resumes Atlanta!