Navigating a Career Change

stressed business executiveIt’s easy to get discouraged with an unsatisfactory career. Corporate ennui, difficulty enacting change, or disinterest in company culture drains passion from the job. Working in the C-suite also takes workplace strife to another level, turning disagreements between coworkers into stalemates that render entire leadership teams ineffective. Female executives may face additional difficulties, from developing a workable family/career balance to dealing with gender inequality issues in the workplace. If you’ve lost effectiveness within your career, it may be time to reassess your priorities – and your current position.

Objectivity in Career Planning

If you’re considering a career change, the first step is to take a hard look at yourself. Analyze the reasons for your executive ineffectiveness, dissatisfaction with your job, and disconnection from your coworkers. Determine where your talents might be better suited, either in another branch of your current company or at another corporation. Many executive positions evolve with time; a job that seemed perfectly suited to your skills when you were hired may be an entirely different position five years down the line. Be objective when determining whether an entirely new career is in order, or if a non-linear career shift could offer new opportunities for job fulfillment.

Achieve Stability When Changing Careers

C-suite professionals are often tenacious people who hang onto unfulfilling careers until they can’t bear another day. While determination is an admirable trait, it sometimes creates bigger problems than “cutting your losses.” Executives clinging to jobs they dislike are less effective, less intuitive about potential problems, and less likely to further their professional careers. If you’re unfulfilled at your current company, take a step back and plan wisely. Instead of working doggedly until the job overwhelms you, determine how to improve your current situation by recalibrating duties or discussing expectations with other members of your team. If you decide to switch careers, make changes wisely. Plan for your financial future during the interim. Determine if you can successfully job search while retaining your current position, or if making the search your full-time job would be more effective. Persevere through job search frustration to find a company where you can thrive. You don’t want to jump on your first executive job offer and find yourself in another job dissatisfaction predicament.

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