Overcoming Career Hurdles: Job Search Frustration

At some point in the search for a new career, even the most tenacious executives find themselves disheartened. Many professionals juggle unsatisfying careers with weekends of scouring for opportunities better suited to their skills. Others, by necessity, have made the hunt for employment their transitory career. Regardless of whether you’ve been searching for weeks, months, or close to a year, job hunt frustration can stifle your creativity, professional drive, and future prospects.

Finding a Career Is a Difficult Job

job search frustrationCareer search frustration manifests itself in myriad ways. Executives may find themselves overwhelmed by a series of rejections, irritated with a company for mismanaging job opportunities, or drained from the seeming endlessness of managing personal brands and professional resumes. Career frustration can be particularly difficult for high-level professionals, because executives are inherent problem-solvers; however, taking advantage of new opportunities depends on overcoming the feelings of impotence and inadequacy that career shifts create.

Overcoming Job Search Frustration

The appropriate action to overcoming job search frustration depends largely on an executive’s personality and leadership style. Goal-oriented executives might take a step back and reassess their objectives, while networkers often seek a relationship with a mentor or career coach. When ennui takes hold, adapt your job-hunting strategy.

  • Clearly define your career objectives within your own mind
  • Create a definitive structure to make networking, career building, and opportunity hunting more effective
  • Find a work/life balance (even if “work” is your job search)
  • Reconnect with family and friends
  • Communicate with loved ones about which queries and comments undermine your sense of progress
  • Reduce industry isolation by establishing relationships with executives in your desired field and learning from leaders in unrelated industries
  • Assist other job seekers when you have the skills to help
  • Assess your personal brand with a fresh perspective
  • Work tirelessly

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