Find a New Career without Getting Fired

No one envies the frustrating and often disheartening task of making job hunting your career, but finding new opportunities when you’re already employed comes with its own set of complications. Whether you’re stuck in a job you hate or you’re simply suffering career ennui, it’s challenging to find a new job without burning bridges. Find a fulfilling executive career without losing your current one by rethinking the way you network.

Change Your Approach to Networking

Building a network of likeminded professionals is indispensable in landing a new executive position. Unfortunately, it also alerts others to your intentions. Instead of attending networking events and hoping your employers don’t find out, approach professional gatherings as learning experiences. Volunteer at industry events instead of attending as a guest, and attend educational conferences instead of networking dinners. Not only will you build a strong executive network without tipping off your employers, you may also learn applicable skills for your future career. If you discuss a potential new position while attending an executive networking function, ask your prospective employer to keep your job search confidential.

Manage Your Online Updates

executive managing online privacy settingsThe most common mistake job seekers make is failing to manage their online presence. Effective personal branding can help executives reach new career opportunities, but it can also cause trouble at work. To make the most of new job opportunities without losing your current career, make sure you’re correctly managing your online personal marketing.

Stay active on LinkedIn. Personal branding experts recommend using LinkedIn frequently, even if you’re not looking for a job. Not only does this approach mask your search when you do want a new career, it helps executives build solid professional networks before they need to utilize them.

Manage your privacy settings. The quickest way executives reveal their job searches to employers is easily avoidable. Refrain from mentioning your job dissatisfaction on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is a powerful executive networking tool, but mismanaging your settings could tip off connections at your current company. Make sure your contacts don’t get updates every time you make a new connection, search for a career opportunity, or revamp your LinkedIn profile. By managing your privacy settings on LinkedIn, you can protect yourself from inadvertently revealing your intentions to your boss. As an added bonus, you won’t inundate new connections with notifications each time you reword your executive successes.

Executive Resumes Atlanta has the tools and experience to manage every aspect of your career search. Call our professional personal branding service to write your executive resume, manage your LinkedIn profile, and help you cultivate career opportunities.

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