How to Improve Marketability

Applying for an executive position isn’t simply a matter of casting your skills and successes in a positive light. Past victories are relevant to future output, but for corporate board members and executive recruiters, an interesting, professional resume is only part of the picture. The key to landing a coveted position is convincing employers that you will create a significant Return on Investment by offsetting their costs (compensation and benefits) with immediate, tangible contributions. Improve your career advancement with these 4 steps to executive marketability success.

  1. business executive workingLearn from the past. If you are currently unemployed, now is an excellent time to improve your marketability. Contact coworkers from past positions and ask to meet with them. Email former coworkers a list of questions about your approachability, effectiveness, and communicable skills several days prior to your meeting. Discuss your overall marketability with former supervisors and subordinates to develop a well-rounded picture of your executive strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Improve your skills. Analyze your talents from the perspective of a prospective employer. Are you a skilled negotiator who has difficulty predicting potential problems? Do you manage effective team productivity but flounder with technology? Strengthen your marketability by directly attacking your weakest points. Take a class on writing and communication skills, teach yourself better technological management, and create a solid networking contact by working with former employers to increase your marketable skills.
  3. Be proactive. Market your executive skills in action by taking on new projects at work, volunteering at companies that could have employment opportunities in the future, and making tangible contributions to your industry. The most successful executives are often the boldest, the most adaptable, and the most diligent.
  4. Keep your resume current. Resumes aren’t simply a history of your executive successes, but a marketability tool mapping your future ROI for potential employers. A CEO’s resume should enumerate past triumphs and marketable skills in a way that naturally leads recruiters to assume continued competency.

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