Overlooked Aspects of the Executive Job Search

Executives are well-versed in the world of tracking progress. They spend their careers measuring successes, marking failures, and determining how to improve upon mediocrity. So it comes as no surprise that many executives overlook their less quantifiable successes when writing resumes, networking, and preparing for interviews. If your “best of the best” professional persona isn’t cutting it in the job market, try these often-forgotten tips to help you reach new levels of career success.

Stick to Your Area of Expertise

busy businessmanThe longer the job search continues, the easier it is to get discouraged. Many executives fall into the trap of broadening their horizons until they’re no longer visible. Although most executives are adaptable, snatching up a job you’re dispassionate about simply because it’s available never pays off. Think carefully about how to expand into a new industry without abandoning the skills and qualifications you’ve earned over the years. If you’re breaking into a new field, extrapolate past experiences to show how your history has made you a viable candidate for a new industry.

Be Specific in Your Job Search

Do most of your networking queries go unanswered? Is your resume failing to impress? Is your LinkedIn account filled with “viewed your profile” alerts with no follow-up connection requests?

Specificity may be your issue. Too many executives generalize their work experience, professional skills, and future goals in the hopes of impressing a broader audience. More often than not, unspecific job searches simply make executives seem inexperienced or unreliable. Craft your LinkedIn profile, resume, and query emails specifically for a single industry or opportunity. When emailing a new contact, always specify the goal of your correspondence, how they can help, and what you can offer in return.

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

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