How Busy Execs Can Engage on LinkedIn

A well-rounded LinkedIn account is crucial to personal branding in the digital age. But it’s not all about getting recommendations and preventing your boss from catching wind of your job search. LinkedIn has outpaced its original purpose of “online networking tool”, helping execs put their best foot forward before first contact even occurs. Not only does an active account make you an attractive prospect to executive recruiters, it helps you be found; the more you refine your brand on LinkedIn, the happier their algorithms will be, and they’ll show their appreciation by putting more eyes on your professional profile.

3 Ways to Advance Your Brand on LinkedIn

  1. home officeBe present. You can’t succeed if you don’t show up. If you’re not active online, recruiters will question your commitment to your career. Elevating your personal brand on LinkedIn can be as simple as sharing an interesting article—with a quick commentary to highlight your proficiencies and encourage engagement—or as advanced as writing regular blogs on topical issues in your field. Just don’t forget about LinkedIn’s roots! Network within your industry by engaging with posts made by other execs.
  2. Be dependable. Every executive can empathize with a busy schedule, but long periods of inactivity on LinkedIn followed by bursts of updates are a sure way to undermine your credibility. Sporadic posting makes potential job candidates seem flaky and unfocused or, at the very least, desperate for a career change. If you find yourself relegating LinkedIn updates to the backburner, add it to your weekly calendar. Consistency is key, and as few as fifteen minutes a week can show recruiters that you’re serious about your professional brand — and your career.
  3. Be real. Not every post needs to be a scholarly essay tailored to turn heads and influence recruiters. One of the most impactful ways to engage with followers on LinkedIn is to drop the professional facade. Talk about what matters to you, even if it’s not work-related. Many of the most successful execs on LinkedIn have made a name for themselves by giving followers a glimpse behind the curtain, proving themselves to be highly motivated in every aspect of their lives.

LinkedIn has transformed the world of professional advancement forever. Is a lackluster profile hindering your executive job search? Call Colleen at Executive Resumes Atlanta for a complimentary assessment of your LinkedIn profile.