Do I Need More Than One Resume?

There’s one question we hear over and over: “Do I need multiple resumes?” The more specialized your skills, the more pertinent the question becomes. Creating two or more resumes gives even an entry-level professional an edge in the job search, but it’s even more important for executives making at least six figures. Networking in the digital age may be night and day from the way it was 50 years ago, but how to clinch a new career hasn’t changed a bit. An impactful, tailored resume is the best weapon in an executive’s arsenal for scoring that first interview. Why does having more than one executive resume make you more likely to get the job?

3 Benefits of Having Multiple Executive Resumes

  1. resume on typewriterStreamline your skills. The best way to stand out is to fit in. A resume should highlight the skills and experiences that fit a specific position and leave the rest of your work history on the cutting room floor. By tailoring each resume, you can focus the hiring manager’s attention on the details that matter most. Ditch the clutter and keep HR’s eye on the prize: a new exec that’s just right for hire.
  2. Stop and smell the success. If you have years of C-level experience under your belt, the old one-page resume rule doesn’t necessarily apply. Take advantage of the additional space to delve deeper into the qualities that make you a stand out candidate. Just remember to clarify, not add clutter.
  3. Prove it. Hard facts are more compelling than soft skills. Creating multiple resumes gives you the laser focus needed to back up your most impressive achievements for each role. Numbers don’t lie, and with a tailored resume, they don’t equivocate either.

You’ve spent years honing the skills necessary to land your next job. So have we. Get an executive resume tailored to land your ideal career. Contact Colleen for a free consultation at Executive Resumes Atlanta.