Tips on Finding an Executive Recruiter

When it comes to advancing their career, many senior-level executives find themselves looking for an executive recruiter in addition to updating their resume to help them with their job search in . Having an executive recruiter in your sphere of influence is advantageous to your job search because if you have a good relationship, they may think to contact you first when they come across a search assignment that matches your particular background.

Don’t Wait A magnifying glass

For the best results, don’t wait to connect with a recruiter until you’re ready to start a new job hunt. By reaching out and letting your relationship develop naturally, you take the urgency out of your relationship and your recruiter will feel more at ease with you, and most likely, be quicker to refer you for a new opportunity when it arises.

Be Honest About Your Past

Be as truthful as you can about your past accomplishments. Many recruiters will check job hunters’ backgrounds and if they discover a false statement or accomplishment on your resume, it can hurt your reputation as well as his or her own clients. For best results, offer three solid references with contact information when you send recruiters your resume. Having references can help boost a recruiter’s desire to represent you.

Maintain Involvement

As a best practice, contact your recruiter once a month to reinforce your relationship. If they send you an interview, be sure to share feedback on how the interview went so they can adjust their efforts. Be sure to let them know if a job isn’t a good fit, and why. Additionally, offer a list of companies that you consider a strong fit as a guideline to help them find you the perfect job.

If you need assistance with finding an executive recruiter for your job search, let the team of Executive Resumes of Atlanta  know so we can help refer you to a recruiter that fits your career goals.