Outdated Job Search Wisdom

An executive job search can be a daunting undertaking. With higher recruiting standards, less frequent advertising regarding openings, and fewer career opportunities on each corporate level, conventional wisdom no longer applies in many career-building situations. To make the most of your executive job search, reexamine these outdated job search tips.

Broaden Your Search

outdated job application formWhether you’re applying for an entry-level office position or vying for a new career as a CEO, broadening your career goals makes sense on paper. However, with the shifting job market, influence of online networking, and proven correlation between a shared corporate vision and executive success, narrowing your job search is the key to finding a fulfilling career. Research companies in your industry whose company culture and corporate structure align with your leadership style. Focus your job search energies on tailoring your personal brand and cultivating networking opportunities within a handful of companies. You’ll see better results and waste less time sending resumes that go unread.

Stay Professional

In the past, creating a professional persona involved checking off boxes like “pressed suit,” “standard resume and cover letter,” and “remaining factual about job experiences.” But CEOs aren’t robots, and fewer executive recruiters want to read standard job applications. Hiring managers want executives with passion, approachability, and an uncontested commitment to company growth. Customized executive resumes are replacing the typical, old-fashioned job application in today’s market. C-level employees should gear their resume, networking, and personal branding efforts to specific career goals. Job hunters should approach recruiters, board members, and executive team members with a level of enthusiasm, corporate language, and professional dress that aligns with the culture of that company.

Fit the Position Perfectly

In the past, job seekers have bent words, truth, and previous corporate experience into a story that fit the narrow job description of the position they were applying for. Today, recruiters value candid acknowledgement of any skills a candidate may lack. Hiring managers often advertise work experiences that are irrelevant to the overall job. By admitting the skills you lack instead of casting unrelated experiences as precursors to a new position, both you and the hiring team can determine if you possess the necessary qualities for a successful career within that company.

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