6 Tips to Boost Your Job Search Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for executive job seekers on many levels: reconnecting with colleagues, building contacts, researching prospective employer companies, keeping abreast of industry trends etc. LinkedIn continues to expand its visibility and importance as a key element of a strategic job search, and feedback from our clients bears this out. However, many job seekers do not fully utilize LinkedIn’s potential. To make the most out of LinkedIn, a job seeker must focus not only on their activity but other factors as well, such as the strategic design and content of their Profile/Resume which is key in boosting their visibility and enable others (industry professionals, hiring/HR managers, and recruiters) to find them, typically via a keyword search. Consider that  85+% of recruiters and executive search firms use LinkedIn to source candidates. The goal is for your resume to appear near the top of these searches. Here are some things you can do to maximize LinkedIn’s potential, increase your visibility, and elevate your placement in search results:

1) Upgrade to a Premium Job Seeker Membership:  A Job Seeker ($29.95/month) or Job Seeker Plus* ($49.95/month) membership identifies you as a candidate and can help to improve your visibility as a featured applicant, gain access to recruiters, make contact via InMail (direct messages), and see who’s viewed your Profile. *The Plus option provides additional monthly InMails.

2) Complete your profile: Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. The structure of your profile can be somewhat modified; use the “Add Sections” features to highlight Certifications, Honors, Publications, Languages, Volunteer Experience, etc.

3) Add a picture. Users with a photo are 9 times more likely to be viewed. (Be sure to use a high resolution photo; a head and shoulders shot with a plain background.)

4) Include a skills section. During a search, the presence of keywords is detected in key areas of your profile, including the skills section. This is the section to load with key words and phrases (industry-specific when possible), for example: High-Tech Electronic Manufacturing, Divestitures & Ownership, Organizational Restructuring & Realignment, ERP — SAP & Oracle / Web-Based MRP.

5) Create a strategic professional headline. Most LinkedIn profiles use  common, bland headlines, e.g. Sales Manager. To attract attention – and again, improve your visibility in search results – craft a strong, descriptive headline that not only describes you but captures industry-specific key words relating to your background and target role, e.g. CFO, Nonprofit Sector: Higher Education, Library Services.

6) Actively utilize LinkedIn. Regularly expand your network of contacts, request testimonials, and join groups. Make it a point to regularly expand your knowledge of the site’s functions and features to make the most of your job search through LinkedIn.

Executive Resumes Atlanta is committed to assisting our clients in maximizing their LinkedIn experience. We offer strategic LinkedIn Profile Resumes, Profile Posting, and Coaching.