In the Atlanta Job Market, Growth Continues – Slowly

Atlanta has developed a reputation for innovation and growth, launching careers to new heights in a variety of disparate industries. Everyone from high-level executives to first-time entrepreneurs can find fresh job opportunities, but attracting so many highly qualified professionals to one place means that competition can be fierce. Can the Atlanta job market keep up with the demand for executive-level jobs?

Atlanta Jobs for Execs in 2018

atlanta office buildings - black and whiteAccording to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report released in April 2018, Atlanta area employment rose 1.5% year-over-year. The Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University projects that metro Atlanta will add 13,000 premium jobs in 2018, a 14,400 decrease in new opportunities from the previous year. That number is expected to decline further in 2019 with only 11,400 new premium job opportunities. Atlanta’s job market peaked in 2015 and, while there is no recession yet in sight, job growth continues to slow. High-level professionals in the manufacturing sector may struggle to find qualified job leads. The financial trade and transportation sectors, however, should see slow, continuous growth over the next two years. Professionals in wholesale trade and technology are primed for even greater job growth as those sectors continue to thrive.

The Best Places to Work in Atlanta

Each year the Atlanta Journal-Constitution releases a list of the top workplaces in Atlanta. This year’s #1 places to work span law, software, and finance, but many employers who didn’t make the list were given special recognition for exemplary employee satisfaction. What set these businesses apart? “Employees said time and time again that there was a genuine care from their employer and an investment in each and every one of their employees.”

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