How to Get Your Resume Read

businessman reading tabletThe days of “pounding the pavement” to secure a new job are long past, and yet many executives still make the mistake of sending unsolicited—and often poorly researched—emails in the hopes of landing a job interview. For many hiring managers, this is the #1 way to end up on the hiring blacklist. Not only is it a major time-waste for them, it promotes the underlying assumption that your time is more important than theirs. Instead of sending half a dozen resume-drops to every company that catches your eye, put in the work to make a positive impression.

How to Get Noticed By a Company

  1. Adapt to the times. In today’s executive job search market, networking is the key to success. Sending your resume unprompted will only serve to shuffle it to the bottom of the stack. If there’s a company you’d love to work for, a personal approach will help you make an impression. Scour your network for someone who can give you a warm introduction, whether it’s a quick introduction at a conference or an email intro from a mutual acquaintance. If all else fails, warm up your “cold call” email with an anecdote about why you admire not only the company, but also the recipient for their impact on your industry. 
  2. Do your research. Effective research goes beyond skimming a company’s mission statement or addressing your query to the right manager. Before applying for an executive position, make sure the job fits your career goals, your personal needs, and your ideal company culture. Furthermore, any executive who expects HR to invest in their resume should extend the same courtesy by researching recent company developments, successful business strategies, and how their skills and experiences will benefit the company. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time for both parties.
  3. Tailor your resume. Having multiple executive resumes becomes more beneficial the higher you climb the corporate ladder. A high-level hiring manager won’t waste their time with an exec whose resume contains irrelevant work experience. Focus your resume on a specific job, not a vague career goal.

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