How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations

A LinkedIn recommendation is a comment written by another LinkedIn member to recognize or commend a colleague, business partner or student. Viewers of your profile will often view the recommendations you’ve received to see what other people have to say about your work. If your profile is lacking recommendations, you can always reach out to your contacts to see if they’ll write you one. But what’s the proper protocol in asking? Here are a few tips about asking for LinkedIn recommendations.

Write One for Someone Else

The best way to get a recommendation from someone on LinkedIn is to give one. When you recommend another user you are attesting to their job qualifications and everyone loves being recommended. Most people will reciprocate the gesture, and you both benefit. Additionally, your other contacts will be able to see that you wrote a recommendation for someone, and they might reach out to you at a later date to do the same.

Ask for a Reference Executive

LinkedIn users can also ask for a recommendation using the messaging system. When you request a recommendation from another user, be sure to keep it personal. Avoid any of the following mishaps:

  • Don’t make the mistake of asking people you don’t know or didn’t work closely with. Trying to write a recommendation for someone you don’t know well (or at all) is frustrating because you have no concrete details in which to offer feedback.
  • Word your request politely. Let them know they’re not obligated to write you one and that you respect their time with an addition like “if it’s not too much trouble” or “I understand your time is valuable.”  Offering to reciprocate is another way to help them feel comfortable with the request.
  • Provide suggestions of what you’re looking for. If the person is especially busy, by providing them with specific details of your work together they can formulate a recommendation much easier and are more likely to do so.

Don’t Forget a Thank-You

Lastly, and possibly the most important rule of all in regards to asking for LinkedIn recommendations: don’t forget to send your contact a thank-you note. It doesn’t have to be long; just a quick response that you genuinely appreciate their time and effort in helping you out.

Having three or more recommendations will help trigger second and third connections on LinkedIn. By building your recommendations, your contacts will be able to see firsthand your strengths and qualifications, and that will ultimately help boost your job search. For additional help updating your LinkedIn profile before reaching out to other users for a recommendation, contact Executive Resumes Atlanta.