How to Ace the Interview Follow-Up

It’s easy to get lost in the tedium of the job search process: honing your resume, mining new connections on LinkedIn, asking your professional network about job openings, and playing the waiting game. Job interviews add novelty to the process, offering a viable way to sell your skills and connect with the office culture without appearing overzealous. But the interview itself is not the only hurdle when landing a new career. Go from “candidate number 1” to “onboarding executive” with these wrap-up tips for executive job interviews.

How to Make Your Interview Matter

  1. Check your ego at the door. There’s a fine line between confidence and over-confidence. Confidence wins executive careers; overconfidence leaves interviewers feeling sour. Don’t push the bounds of politeness in the hopes of tipping the interview in your favor. The query “Did I get the job?” should never enter the interview space (and should stay clear of follow-up emails, too).
  2. Be proactive. Don’t let the hiring manager dominate the conversation. After answering your interviewer’s questions, ask a few of your own. Learn about job requirements, salary, and office culture. As you exit the interview, ask the HR team what to expect from the decision-making process. To make a greater impact (and expand your professional network), ask whether you can connect with your interviewers on LinkedIn.
  3. Don’t forget to follow-up. Keep yourself fresh in the mind of HR by sending a prompt follow-up note after your interview. To make an greater impact, send a “thank you” email that same day.
  4. Keep following up. There’s a fine line between proactive and pushy; executives who walk it have better job search success than those who don’t. If the hiring manager discloses that a lengthy decision-making process is imminent, check in periodically. Instead of asking, “Have you made a decision yet?” add value by sharing an industry-related article or congratulating your contact on a job-related success. You’ll keep your interview fresh in the manager’s mind without harassing him.

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