Finding a New Career While Employed

When executives decide to change careers, it typically makes the most financial sense for them to remain in their current position until they’ve signed a new contract. Most C-suite professionals have experience juggling their work and personal lives, but when that personal life bleeds into the business sphere, maintaining boundaries becomes more challenging.  Learn how to maintain your job while searching for a new career with these tips from Executive Resumes Atlanta.

Manage Your Online Presence

The simplest way to get fired for your job search is to discuss it on social media, but that’s not an executive’s only concern. Digital networking is a cornerstone of today’s job search market, but it comes with its own set of pitfalls. Before searching for a new career, adjust your privacy settings on LinkedIn. You can also prevent your professional network from receiving notifications about your online activity by refraining from mentioning your job search on Facebook. Never use office computers to research fresh career opportunities.

The Devil Is in the Details

When the stakes are high, it’s often the daily minutia that brings executives down. If you’re searching for a new career, remember:

  • Dress appropriately. If your office has a business casual dress code, wearing a full suit to work will raise red flags. Always dress appropriately. When interviewing for a new position, find a neutral location offsite to change into interview attire.
  • Consider your references. If your aim is to retain your job until securing a new one, choose your references wisely. High level coworkers may seem like solid references, but revealing your job search to anyone at the office increases the likelihood that your boss will discover it. Use former employers and professionals from your broader business network as references. Always request that they don’t mention your job search until you’ve accepted a new position.
  • Remember your obligations. If you’re searching for a new career it’s probably because you’re dissatisfied with your current position. However, unless you plan to resign and focus fully on your job search, don’t let research, job interviews, or networking undermine your current career. Respect your employer by performing at your highest level, even if you intend to resign.

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