Holiday Season Job Searching

A common assumption is that November and December are the least effective months for job searching. While opportunities may not be as plentiful, this time can actually create advantages for the industrious job seeker. Consider that many companies are preparing for a new fiscal year (and budget), so many remain focused on staffing through the holiday season. So for those individuals willing to put in the extra hours, extending (or beginning) the job search through the holidays can prove fruitful. The benefits of continuing a job search through the holidays include less competition, expanded networking opportunities, and an uninterrupted focus.

Competition is Scant. Most candidates temporarily suspend their job search over the holidays, assuming there is no activity among recruiters and hiring managers at this time. This simply isn’t true. Granted, the hiring machine will be in low gear, but the holidays provides potential opportunities to get your name in front of hiring managers and possibly get a jump on the competition. Navigating the maze of holiday season job searching

‘Tis the Season. Due to the holiday slowdown, many offices are operating with a skeleton crew to primarily provide phone coverage and customer support, which means you may have a better likelihood of reaching a live person than you would when operations are ramped up at full tilt. Another consideration is that the holiday season often produces a lighter workload and reduction in stress so recruiters and HR managers may be more receptive to inquiries. Similarly, often corporate decision makers take advantage of holiday work days to catch up and prepare for the new year. Unlike the rest of the year, this may provide them with the luxury of time to review a compelling resume. This can be the ideal time of year to network your way to a new job.

Networking Opportunities. Holiday parties and family gatherings offer a wealth of opportunity for networking. Networking well means effectively connecting with people so they remember you when an opportunity presents itself. Wherever the season finds you, hand out (and ask for!) business cards (ideally a “mini resume”), and then follow up to keep contacts fresh and ensure that your name and career goals are in front of everyone in your network. If you’ve recently interviewed, send a holiday card – with your business card – to the hiring managers. Do the same for recruiters and headhunters with whom you’ve been working.

Avoid Losing Momentum. Another argument for continuing a job search through the holidays is to avoid losing momentum. For some the break may be an opportunity to refresh and hit the reset button (often depending on the length of the search) but for others suspending the search for multiple weeks can be disruptive. Jump-starting the process after a holiday hiatus can sometimes feel as if you’re starting over. Being diligent in maintaining your momentum can help keep your search on track.

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