How Facebook B2B Marketing Affects Executive Recruiting

Since its inception LinkedIn has cornered the market on b2b (business to business) marketing. Its expansive networking capabilities, tailored profile options, and focus on personal branding make it a remarkable career building and job search tool. Social media allows recruiters and job seekers alike to utilize reputation management and shared connections to cultivate new employment opportunities. Last month, Facebook refined their Core Audience marketing tool to harness the successful networking framework developed by LinkedIn, potentially revolutionizing career building through social media.

Occupation Targeting

Businesses on Facebook target their intended audiences using the Facebook Ads feature, a comprehensive marketing tool that trawls user information for keywords and tailors ads to each company’s core demographic. Facebook’s expansion of the Core Audience feature allows b2b marketers to target their audience based on occupation as well as location and interests. Facebook Ads finds core audiences based on two primary methods of gleaning information: literal occupation targeting and inferred occupation targeting. Literal occupation targeting, like LinkedIn’s career targeting system, uses auto-complete job titles to link users under specific headings. Businesses can then utilize Facebook Ads to target an audience not just by industry, but by occupation. Inferred targeting mines a user’s interests, business connections, and keywords to ascertain their occupation, allowing marketers to tailor Ads to users with specific skills and networks.

Executive Recruiting on Facebook

Online Executive RecruitingSocial media—once a means of job-hunting for primarily entry-level employees—has become a powerful career-building tool in the executive sphere. Executive recruiters can now use Facebook Ads to hone candidate searches, filtering out superfluous applications for high-level positions by targeting only the most qualified professionals. Although LinkedIn has more comprehensive networking capabilities, Facebook generates more traffic and charges less for advertising, making it an appealing tool for executive recruiters. The most successful executive career changes depend on creating articulate and relevant social media profiles in addition to an expertly crafted resume.

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