Executives in Transition: Target Growth Industries

Executives contemplating a career transition – whether prompted by a desire to seek “greener pastures” or exiting a challenge industry impacted by the economic downturn – may shorten the search by targeting those industries expected to enjoy faster than average growth in 2010.

According to projections recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those industries include:

  • Biomedical and environmental engineering
  • Advertising, marketing, sales, promotions, and public relations
  • Computer and information systems management
  • Medical and health services, particularly personal and home care services
  • Management and financial analysis

Companies in the management, business, and financial sector can expect only average growth this year. In general, top executive jobs are anticipated to increase 15%, with relatively little turnover. With a surplus of qualified applicants for top positions, executive-level job seekers can expect steep competition in the market.

Executives seeking a career change should wage a strategic, no-holds-barred search and anticipate a longer than average search, as competition increases exponentially when a candidate seeks to enter a new field. A component of that strategy should include an assessment of the market to target those industries projected to provide the most opportunities.