Achieve Career Success with a Targeted Resume

As a successful businessperson, you probably have an executive resume tucked away in your professional files. If you’ve spent your career navigating promotions and internal job changes, it’s also likely that you haven’t reassessed your personal branding in several years. An executive resume creates the foundation for personal marketing, professional networking, and career success. If you’re searching for a new career in 2015, a well-crafted resume is your first step towards success.

A Professional Executive Resume

A comprehensive resume not only portrays past work experience in an accessible and impactful way, but also captures the distinctive personal brand of a job candidate. Every executive has interpersonal skills and tangible talents unique to his or her professional experiences. A qualified executive resume writer has the skills to cull crucial information from a client’s work experience and craft a powerful, narrative-driven resume that will give an executive a competitive edge.

Achieve Success with a Targeted Executive Resume

In Atlanta’s competitive job market, it pays to be prepared. Executives with the self-actualization to target a specific career typically reach higher levels of success much more quickly. The easiest way to achieve your executive career goals is to craft a resume targeted to your desired career. Layout, terminology, prioritized work experience, and the overall narrative of an executive resume all influence how it is received by a company’s hiring managers. A resume customized for a specific career tells HR that an executive is not only highly qualified, but highly motivated as well.

Crafting a Targeted Resume

At Executive Resumes Atlanta, we examine not only the facts of your work experience, but also the context of your success. Through 15 years of hands on experience, our executive resume writers have developed intuition for using keywords, examples, and an overall branding narrative to help Atlanta professionals find executive success. When you contact our professional branding service you’re relinquishing the stress of a lengthy research and writing process, allowing our writers to utilize their expertise to craft an executive resume that targets your ideal career.

Is your executive resume inadequate at conveying your professional aptitude? Call Executive Resumes Atlanta.