3 Executive Habits that Undermine Career Goals

As top performers in the business world, executives often avoid second-guessing themselves. Lingering over old behaviors can stagnate growth, undermine confidence, and make execs less effective in the C-suite. All professionals learn bad habits, however, and some executive habits can disrupt personal and company growth. Revitalize your career by overcoming these 3 harmful leadership behaviors.

Habits that Could Hurt Your Career

  1. businessman in chainsNot asking for help. Far from asking for assistance, many executives have a tendency to micromanage other employees, even if they’re struggling with their own workload. Failing to admit you need help doesn’t just lead to executive burnout; it can also undermine a carefully cultivated culture of community within a company. Delegating responsibility simultaneously relieves stress and allows executives to see how promising employees handle added responsibilities.
  2. Asking for (and promptly ignoring) feedback. Most executives possess a drive for constant improvement, and many realize that the best way to accomplish growth is to hear honest feedback from their employees. What many executives lack, however, is follow-through. Ignoring feedback, whether positive or negative, undermines the trust a company has in its leaders. It also stifles personal growth, leaving leaders unable to see their own shortcomings when the need arises.
  3. Losing sight of the company mission. These days, a job is not simply a job. A career involves professional goals, personal passions, and, ideally, a melding between personal and company vision. When an executive allows the minutia of daily work to overshadow their passion for that work, they lose the ability to think creatively, act decisively, and inspire others to future success.

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